ORNANO AVOCATS specialises in the Wine, Spirits & Food industry.

European & French regulations are very specific and developing your business in France can prove to be difficult without an appropriate legal adviser (labels, brands, advertising, customs and planting rights etc.)  

We can help you export your products in France and build solid business relationships based on legally secure contracts. 

We can also assist investors who would like to acquire a vineyard in France or take over a French company.

The firm can also represent companies involved in national or cross-border disputes such as: 

  • Litigation specific to wine brands, validity and counterfeiting
  • Disputes in any production stage (bottling, plant protection products, casks and barrels, caps and corks, labelling, contracts with warehouses etc.)
  • Managing damages, product security
  • Disputes in concluding, executing, renewing and ending vineyard leases, pre-empting etc.
  • distributorship, fraud, contractual breaches, wrongful terminations, unfair competition and terminating contracts with sales agents